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Clip straight through the filter


Filter series is a sanitary filter, mainly used to filter the solid particles, protect pumps, instrumentation, and other equipment in the liquid. It is widely used in wine, beverages, pharmaceuticals and dairy products, etc. due to their reasonable, filtration and strong sealing ability, compulsive Xiaomei maintenance.

working principle:

When a medium with large solid particles or impurities passes through a filter, these larger solid particles and impurities are filtered to stop within a certain specification filter element, thereby preventing these solid particles and impurities from entering the subsequent pipeline, filtered The medium is out of export and reaches the requirements.

Standard design:

Nuomeng provides direct through the filter of "Y type" filter, welding, and threaded, fast-installed. When the filter element needs to be cleaned or the filter is damaged: "Y type" filter simply removes the joint, remove the filter element, can be cleaned or replaced, the welding is required to be removed by the filter, then remove the filter element, wash or replace it. It can be used from new installation.


Steel parts: stainless steel 304, 316L

Seals: EPDM or NBR

Technical Parameters:

Working pressure: 0 ~ 10bar

Work temperature: -20 ~ + 135 °

Temperature range: -10 ° C to 250 ° C

DN3234x50.51 1/4"31.8x50.53231.8x50.5Φ3231.8x50.5360.0114.0
DN4040x50.51 1/2"38.1x50.53838.1x50.5Φ3838.1x50.5360.0114.0
DN6570x91.02 1/2"63.5x77.56363.5x77.5Φ6363.5x77.5455.0138.0

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