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Sampling valve
Clamp type sterile sample valve


This type of valve series is designed to be used in sterilization of sterilization before and after each sampling operation.

Valve open: Sampling

The valve can be opened by a rotating handle (adjustable valve) or a switching joystick (open, off the valve). When the shaft and the diaphragm are turned on, the fluid is obtained by sampling.

Valve close: Sterilization

In response operating handle, the built-in spring closes the valve while maintaining the passage between the two hoses in order to perform sterilization and disinfection treatment. If you need to use steam, it is recommended that the user installs a small pressure regulating valve at the outlet.

Standard design:

The components of the sterile sampling valve include three parts: a valve body, a valve head, and a film sheet. The rubber diaphragm valve is placed on the shaft of the valve head and is used as a spool having a depletion.

Valve specifications:

Valve Specifications provided to users: The first material for processing low viscosity, such as water, beer, wine, and liquid milk, etc.; the second material for treating high viscosity, such as juicy acid, syrup, ice cream, etc. .


Valve body: stainless steel Aisi316L

Motip head: stainless steel AISI304

Diaphragm: silicone rubber (standard valve), EPDM rubber (with a miniature interface)

Technical Parameters:

Pressure - the largest working pressure on the valve seat (close the valve): 1000KPA                       Maximum working pressure on the valve cover: Rubber material 500kpa       不锈钢材料1000kpa

Temperature: maximum sterilization temperature, dry steam: 121-134 degrees  蒸汽务必是干的因为冷凝水会损坏膜片。

We recommend the user to the user, and after every 100 sample operations or sterilization operation, the diaphragm should be replaced.

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